W2O Environment offers independent environmental consulting, training and research for the leather industry. We have 10 years experience in environmental technologies in the food, oil and leather industry and offer our services for design and layout of effluent treatment plants, sludge handling, up-grading of existing plants, implementation of membrane technology and recycling systems and process consulting.

We offer on-site piloting testing of novel effluent treatment and recycling systems to evaluate the technical feasibility and costs and to obtain the design basis for industrial scale systems.

As   part   of   our   Research  and  Development

program we conduct applied research for the leather sector to tackle environmental problems, to reduce environmental impacts and to enable recycling.

We offer clean tech assessment and training for the leather industry and give recommendations to up-grade current systems and to optimise procedures.

We support during the implementation of the newest technologies available on the market and also give advice for alternative low cost treatment technologies as Reedbeds. W2O offers worldwide environmental consulting and support for the leather industry in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German language.