Jar testing to optimise primary treatment and to save treatment chemicals

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International consumers and national governments are increasingly applying ever tighter demands on industry to treat wastewater and solid wastes according to international standards. Consequently industries face raising environmental costs to achieve increasingly tightening discharge consents.

All too often W2O Environment is called to site when a plant or process is already failing consent and excessive costs are being incurred. In these situations W2O Environment is ready to act immediately and attend site with a portable sampling and analytical package to discover the heart of the problem.

Once in attendance W2O Environment liase closely with site staff to compile different viewpoints, knowledge and data sources. From this initial meeting the respective process stages can be broken down into their individual components. The aim is to identify 'plant bottlenecks', stages within the effluent treatment process that are under performing or simply problematic, to quantify the effects of these bottlenecks and to put forward short, medium and long term strategies to solve them. This is achieved by collecting existing data sources and gathering new data to fill in the voids.

The evaluation of waste treatment procedures and manufacturing process techniques can lead to identification of actions that can be implemented to:
  • Conduct best treatment practice

  • Establish an effluent treatment plant monitoring programme

  • Provide training of the plant operators

  • Reduce environmental impact of industrial effluents

  • Achieve savings on treatment chemicals
  • Increase treatment efficiency and effluent quality

  • Reduce the generation of gaseous emissions (H2S and NH3)

  • Reduce treatment costs

  • Reduce the generation of unnecessarily high levels of waste materials

  • Enable water recycling

  • Ensure to meet local consent limits
W2O offers a comprehensive environmental assessment reviewing the current wastewater plant performance for best practice and operation costs. In addition, as part of the review, W2O will assess the plant against future needs and give recommendations for strategic improvement. The benefits of this review will be the optimisation of treatment performance, probable reduction of operation costs and recommendations for future upgrades and recycling opportunities.

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