Effluent treatment plant design evaluation

We have expertise in the design of industrial effluent treatment plants including pre-treatment, primary treatment and activated sludge plants. We offer clients the opportunity to have their design reviewed at an early stage in the design process to ensure that:
  • The proposed design is likely to comply with the required consents

  • The most efficient process configuration has been employed

  • Sizing of all unit operations is appropriate

  • The likelihood of sludge bulking and foaming has been minimised

  • Energy and sludge guarantees will be met
Effluent treatment in El Salvador
We will also work with design teams at any stage in the design process to discuss the most appropriate solutions and to work through the design build up to the finished proposal. As part of the review we will also specify suitable equipment, review the overall plant equipment costs and present future plant efficiency and operational costs.

Design of an industrial scale effluent treatment plant
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  • Effluent treatment plant design review for a tannery set-up in China, 2004

  • Effluent treatment plant design review of Argentinean tanneries, 2006 and 2008
Design evaluation references
  • Primary treatment design review for a tannery in the Dominican Republic, 2005

  • Consulting on Best Available Technology to reduce surface active substances for the Austrian Environmental Ministry, 2007

  • Effluent treatment design review for an Australian tannery, 2008
Biological clarifier installed in an Argentinean tannery